A paradise in Saint-Émilion

« With Jean Thomas, we were looking for a new challenge

on the Saint Emilion soil. After long searches

right bank, we acquire a two-hectare garden vineyard.

This place, sleeping nugget, asked to be awakened.

Here the ceps of vines aged over forty years,

are rooted on a valuable vein of graves. Merlot

iconic grape of Saint-Émilion, liberally flourishes:

it offers concentrate of delicacies and velvety tannins.

Cabernet Franc on this hot and dry soil delivers

fine tannins and spicy aromas.

This assemblage, patiently matured in French oak barrels, Château Saint-Ange gives the qualities of a great wine.

The name of Saint-Ange, that we've created, refers as much to the sacred imagination which floats on the city of Saint-Emilion as much to the wine taste which share delicious messages.

The heaven is not so far away... »